The conqueror of the Desert

Wrote by : Zaid Suwaid

  • Zayed planned the main objectives to stop the desert march.
  • Dhs . 200 million distributed to the farmers .
  • The impossible became possible due to H.H. farseeing & strong determination .
  • Sultan bin Tahnoon inaugurated the agricultural exhibition in Al Ain , and supervised the deliberation of the symposium
  • Dependency on agricultural products as a source of citizens's income increase.
  • In the season of 98-1999 the number of farms has been raised to 10,500.
  • 35 million palm trees producing more than 388,000 ton of dates .
  • The forestation of Al Aain-Abu Dhabi Road started in 1966 The aforesaid area goes up to 45900 hectars,comprising 9,363,600 trees .

The Conqueror Of The Desert(2)

This was the topic of the exhibition and symposium took place in Al Ain. The occurrence was sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and Animal Resources, in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon started the occurrence. Many governmental departments interested in agricultural affairs  participated in the happening .

Regarding the agricultural role, H.E. Ahmed Sultan Al Halami ; the undersecretary of the Agriculture and Animal resources Department in Al Ain, said:" It is our sincerest pleasure to have this lovely and pleasing occurrence in our ever green, our beloved city , Al Ain the city of beauty and greenery . " He also went on saying : " The main goals paved and depicted by H.H Sheikh Zayed { Allah bless him } to which we have always paid greater emphasis were :
 · To meet the society's needs of food stuff.
 · To avail abundance of agriculture product capable of encouraging exportation movement and to increase the State's other resources.
 · To avail the farmers ultimate stability due to strengthen their relation and their attachment to the soil.
 · Indefatigable efforts are to be exerted to render the State at large, ever greenery.
 · Dependency on the agricultural production as a source of the citizen's income increase."
Then he pointed out to the tremendous quality leap being achieved in the number of farms in Al Ain, which in the agricultural season 1998/1999 reached 10,500 farms. By the support of H.H. Sheikh Zayed a gigantic sum [Dhs. One billion and two handred] was handed over to the farmers in return to their agriculture related efforts .. H.H. [Allah bless him] ordered the establishment of a dates factory: 30,000 square meters. The production capacity of the factory proved to be 20,000 tons the season.

A number of governmental departments participated in the exhibition of which were : forestry department , agriculture department, Emirates date factory , Abu Dhabi fertilizer industry and the private department of H.H. the Crown Prince , together with other national companies and establishments functioning in the same field of speciality.
The Symposium " Zayed the conqueror of the desert "
The faculty of science in Al Ain University organized the symposium associated with the exhibition. The symposium lasted one day. The speakers praised the sizable achievements and related it the bright wisdom and the farseeing strategy of H.H. Sheikh Zayed. 

Written by : Zaid Suwaid

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